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Best specialists in Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry and General Dentistry.

How many dentists, dental specialists and lab technicians work in the same facility to create the patient's absolute best?

In the real world, not many do. At Dentpol The Home of Beautiful Smiles a team of specialists uses a unique synergistic approach to restore a patient's health, individuality and radiance...

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Our Specialty Is Difficult Cases

Your smile is a reflection of your spirit. We believe that the smile improves our lives. We appreciate art and beauty. By giving abundantly of our talents and time, we realize that change brings new opportunities and happiness. We provide the highest quality of dentistry in a nice, friendly environment. We make a difference.

All dental needs can be taken care in our location

No need to travel.

With our specialists we are equipped to handle all facets of dental problems

From simple dentistry to cosmetic surgery.

Lab on premises

No need to wait

For a couple of years I have had a problem with my gums and the loss of bone in my moouth. For a very long time I was looking for specialists, dentists, who would help me with that particular problem.

Unfortunately I could not find anybody, and whoever I tried was unsuccessfull. No one was able to help me and I was not able to wear the teeth and eat or speak correctly.

Finally I found "Dentpol", and the specialists who work there. They were the ones who made my beautiful teeth. I am now able to speak and eat normally, and have teetha that fit my jaw and face perfectly.

I thank very much the staff at "Dentpol" and most of all I thank Ms. Alicja Jonik, who was the one that made all the efforts to make my teeth beautiful.
I had finally found what I was looking for at "Dentpol".

Joanna Wegiel
The Contact Available Upon Request

To everybody who wants to use services of the dental clinic "Dentpol"
located at 7404 W. Irving Park road, Chicago,
myself am a patient there, and was treated very politely and warmly
by the doctors and staff. All my questions and concerns were always answered.
The treatment went very smoothly, painlessely and I am very satisfied with the work.
My dentures were made in a proffesional manner, and look very nice and esthetic. I want to thank all the doctors and staff for all their care and help. I highly recomment "Dentpol- dental and medical center".

Wieslaw Nowobliski