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For a couple of years I have had a problem with my gums and the loss of bone in my moouth. For a very long time I was looking for specialists, dentists, who would help me with that particular problem.

Unfortunately I could not find anybody, and whoever I tried was unsuccessfull. No one was able to help me and I was not able to wear the teeth and eat or speak correctly.

Finally I found "Dentpol", and the specialists who work there. They were the ones who made my beautiful teeth. I am now able to speak and eat normally, and have teetha that fit my jaw and face perfectly.

I thank very much the staff at "Dentpol" and most of all I thank Ms. Alicja Jonik, who was the one that made all the efforts to make my teeth beautiful.
I had finally found what I was looking for at "Dentpol".

Joanna Wegiel The Contact Available Upon Request - 9/30/2016

To everybody who wants to use services of the dental clinic "Dentpol"
located at 7404 W. Irving Park road, Chicago,
myself am a patient there, and was treated very politely and warmly
by the doctors and staff. All my questions and concerns were always answered.
The treatment went very smoothly, painlessely and I am very satisfied with the work.
My dentures were made in a proffesional manner, and look very nice and esthetic. I want to thank all the doctors and staff for all their care and help. I highly recomment "Dentpol- dental and medical center".

Wieslaw Nowobliski Patient - 9/30/2016
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